Photo V. Paskelyte

Photo V. Paskelyte

With the help of irony, humour and design, we present people of all ages, races, body types, genders and abilities.

Justina, Juste and Auguste dive into fashion experiments and share personal and unexpected results. We are here to make the world nice & beautiful place to live!


United by the love for fashion, sarcasm & design thinking, three gals – fashion director Justina, creative strategist Juste and creative director Auguste, founded Pretty Ugly to show the absurd of beauty standards, embrace uniqueness and help to navigate the best tool for self-expression – fashion.

In the Pretty Ugly world, we dress to express & we are unapologetically ourselves.

Ideas of equality, feminism and ethical living are our best aspiration in the world and diverse individuals who are challenging fashion industry norms in their style are our best friends.




We are here to talk about the
absurd of standards that constrain
our beautiful minds & declare the
importance of individuality!




DOCUMENTING & storytelling

Presenting creative individuals to explore and get inspired by.


Mind freeing fashion, beauty and lifestyle experiments to test craziest ideas.

Activism &
Ethical Living

Positive motivating content on topics of feminism, equality, animal rights and sustainability.


New and unexpected creative lifestyle inspiration sources and places.



Pretty Ugly is the one who has a weird yet phenomenal
sense of style and aesthetics. Everything you or your mum
thought was ugly - as a matter of fact,
here becomes enormously pretty.





Lithuanian fashion brand Pretty
Ugly holding the spirit of open
adventure, make the fashion into
a powerful tool to arouse the
concern of the community.

— HokkFabrica, CN


United by the love of unusual clothes
and ironic design, with the help of
articles, they embody their ideas
about beauty, equality, freedom of
choice and self-expression.

— Wonderzine, RU


Pretty Ugly’s aim is to use fashion to
champion self-expression and equality,
while also promoting the importance
of being eco-friendly.

— Calvert Journal, UK




Metro, UK
The Calvert Journal, UK
Hokkfabrica, CN
Metal Magazine, ES
Konbini, US
Darlin, IT
DesignTaxi, SG
FrancePresent, FR
iHeartBerlin, DE
Lost at E Minor, AU
Urban Player, HU
Mashable, US
La Creatura Creativa, IT
Frankie, FR
Heatstreet, US
Glitty, JP
Eter Magazine, ES
Paulette Magazine, FR
Kitsch Mix, US
Genie Magazine, IT
We Are Scandale, FR
Inter, UA
Pyatnitsa, RU
Etiquette Magazine, LT
Swo Magazine, LT
Creapills, FR
L’Officiel, LT
Kunas Magazine, LT
370 Magazine, LT
Wonderzine, RU


Fashion Awards, shows & Exhibitions

Young Designer’s Prize 2016, LT
Liepajas Modes Svetki 2016, LV
Loftas Fest 2016, LT
Fashion Infection 2016, LT
Virus Mada 2016, LT
Ikra Mada 2016, LT
Mana 2017, EE
Good Design Prize 2017, LT


Public Speaking

5/5 Junior 2016, LT
Virus Fashion 2017, LT



Fur free retailer

We are a part of The Fur Free Retailer programme, which means we are all for ethical consuming. In Pretty Ugly shop there is no animal fur.

Fur Free Retailer