Architecture Hand Drawings Inspired Makeup By Madrona


It’s easy to scroll down through makeup looks on insta feed so things that catch genuine attention keeps getting rarer and rarer. Madrona was the one who made me stop ant look for a while longer. Her aesthetics and the way of painting a face was unique on this, as she says “done-a-million-times makeup” social media feed. She doesn’t have hundred thousands of followers and she doesn’t aspire to become a makeup artist at all. Although her art is worth seeing for more eyes out there.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I am 17 years old and I am still a student in high school. I excel in writing, history and greatly enjoy science. I plan on getting a PhD in paleontology, history, or something along those lines and my dream is to become a professor.

How did you learn makeup?

Like many children, I was always interested in makeup if only because it is pretty and fun. I was absolutely atrocious at makeup until relatively recently. I was the kid in middle school caking foundation on their face, and I am proud of how far I have come from that! Around the end freshman year I became familiar with mod makeup and that’s what really started off my journey. I moved on to simple geometric looks and learned from practice. I knew nothing about makeup so there was no rules, something I feel a bit constrained by now. I wasn’t concerned with looking good so anything was possible.

What message do you want to share through your looks?

My message is that there is no message. My makeup looks do not mean anything. Many makeup artists use their makeup as a political conduit or a mode for social commentary and it’s great that they use their reach to spread a message, but it is not something I partake in.

How you developed your makeup style?

My makeup style developed as my skill developed. When I started with mod makeup I was using others ideas, and as I got better I used my own concepts. I have always been absolutely transfixed with cities, city scapes and architecture in general, and it shows in both my drawings and my makeup. My drawings are actually a large driving force behind my makeup, as the style of the faces I paint on myself started as my drawings, as are the buildings. My extreme nose contours are a perfect example of this, as realism in drawings is not my stronghold and to draw noses I would essentially draw a vertical rectangle connected to an eye, and I adopted this into my makeup.

Do you feel support from makeup companies?

No, not really. If you mean do I get PR from cosmetic companies, I do not. If you meant do I see myself or makeup artists like me represented, I do not.

Where do you seek inspiration?

I mostly get inspiration from my old makeup looks or my drawings. If you were to ask where I got inspiration for those, I would have no clue. When I started out I had no concept of makeup and even less of art in general and I just did whatever popped into my head. Now, however, I often go through old looks to pick out elements I didn’t really explore and would like to experiment more with. Other inspirations are old makeup styles, like baroque or rococo makeup and vaudeville.

How do you choose cosmetics?

First and foremost is whether the company is cruelty free. I usually do not buy new makeup, just rebuy products I know and love and need like eyeshadow base and similar items. When I rarely buy new makeup, it is usually pigmented and colorful eyeshadows or cream makeup in assorted colors for “foundation”.

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What’s the worst thing in makeup?

My most despised aspect of makeup and the beauty community in general is how mundane and similar all the makeup looks are. The beauty community is flooded with thousands of makeup artists doing the exact same neutral eye makeup. I believe everyone should do the makeup they like and are comfortable with, but the discrepancy between talented and unique makeup artists and the makeup artists with the most followers is disheartening. More often than not the makeup artists in power are doing the most normal, nondescript, done-a-million-times makeup. There are some exceptions to this rule but in my ideal beauty community those who push the bounds of makeup would be the forerunners.

3 MUA’s you recommend following

This is a difficult question because I am very picky about makeup! But my favorites have to be:


@ines.alpha (who does 3D makeup!)

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