Berlin Fashion Week: What I've Seen & Done


Coincidence or not, but right after I came to Berlin, the fashion week happened to happen. So I just went with the flow.

I went to the sustainable fair trade, met some super kewl brands & participated in the conferences where smart people talked about the importance of sustainability to the Moma Earth.

It was +33C ouside. I saw a pool - I went for a swim. What do you think about my Barbie swimsuit? Cool, huh?


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Also I met this little guy. Whoever said they are extinct clearly didin't go to Berlin Fashion Week.

Better later than never. The mannequin challenge!


My surname - a happiness and a curse. Always leaves people with questions.

I went to some shows...

...and to some rooftop parties.

Had some delicious non-alcoholic drinks...

...and tried some very good looking dresses!

And that was it! I've seen a lot, did a lot & still need time to digest everything. Damn, fashion world is so interesting.