Brand Crush: EVO Hair Met At Pelenė 2018


Once upon a time there was a 25 year old beauty industry expo called Cinderella (Pelene). It was full of legends and myths so we had to unravel the mystery and travel there ourselves. The main goal was to find inspiration and new safe cruelty-free products to advance the level of creativity.

Is this the Cinderella herself????!!!!!

Is this the Cinderella herself????!!!!!


In short, about the cruelty free situation: At first we came hit each table we found most colours and started asking is this cruelty free or vegan makeup. Most of the retailers needed a double check or had no idea are the products they are selling vegan or cruelty free. Resume: there were a few brands, though it could be better.




But the most important thing is LOVE so we were lucky to get a #brandcrush on EVO hair (almost LOVE backwards).


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A bright and modern, tons of bubbles coming from an ice cream stand. It seemed like something worth attention, and oh boyyy we are happy we went in there.


Evo is the hair product wizard with no bullshit. Born in Australia, now they’re confidently conquering the whole world with their philosophy of simplicity. Being serious with their products but no taking themselves too seriously.


neutral pastels make the world go 'round - @vivalablonde

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The colourful conditioners called Fabuloso Pro (more about the names later) were the ones that caught our eye because each person was able to choose a custom colour that was mixed in front of their eyes. It’s an amazing product making it easier to maintain a crazy coloured hair at home.

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But what we loved the most, was the brand itself and it’s values. It’s unisex, it’s bullshit free. It’s hilarious. Evo is claiming to be their mission:

“to create innovative, salon-only products that are simple, luxurious and effective to use; to tell the truth; expose the frauds; keep the hair and beauty industry honest.”

They chose to be a manufacturer that speaks the truth. Avoiding mysterious claims what problems of our lives the product should be solving. As they say “Saving ordinary humans from themselves”.

Their products are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea, propylene glycol free and all that jazz. Products that give professional results while respecting the mama earth. They are leaving unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients; imaginary technologies, myths, gimmicks away and using only ingredients in formulations that are active.

It’s a socially responsible brand, taking care for their packaging and advertising materials (no free testers, recycled paper), ecological footprint, product formulas, upgrading to natural solutions as soon as they are available. And of course it’s not tested on animals.

To make it even better, design wise they are bright and bold, yet as minimalist as it can be. Product names and descriptions are made to be simple and laughable.


We do know it’s not the cheapest product in the market, but with the work and thinking they do, with the responsibility they take for all of us, it is worth every single cent in the price.

So this was the story of our #brandcrush we got in Pelenė 2018, but it’s not the end yet. Stay tuned to find out what we discovered more, in the next post!

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Text: Juste