Celebration Of Diversity: Vogue Ball In Vilnius


Guess where I have spent one of the greatest evenings this year? You might got a hint from post title already, it’s vogue ball! I feel like not enough people have heard about this type of event in Vilnius, and most importantly I know a lot of those who were very upset they missed it.

Vogue is bright, vogue is inclusive and accepting, vogue is self-expression at it’s finest. In vogue people embrace differences and throw a shade on anyone who tries to break it down!

So, what to do if the culture you love is still not in your country? Well, how about bringing it here by yourself? Yes, there is vogue culture in Lithuania, more specifically in Vilnius. A choreographer named Raidas decided it needs to exist here and NOW.

Raidas is performing, teaching classes, organising workshops aaand bringing foreign dancers and choreographers here.

So, one mysterious Saturday evening, on Basanavičius street, in the very centre of Vilnius, the Vogue Ball started. A fiesta of colours, sassiness, drama and dance!


Event team is the one to thank for unique aura we are so craving and starving in Vilnius. Evening host improvised rap lines on the spot and made sure to keep the party up and running - “B*tch are you ready? And by bi*tch I mean smart, respectable, inteligent woman”.

I left the live snippets for you to check out here


The evening started with fashion categories and later entered the dance-off competition. Participants introduced themselves on the runway catwalk, hands performances, threw some shade on others and made sure to deliver something juicy drama to look at. We’ve seen creativity bursting in makeup and fashion categories. Even audience had a chance to show-off their looks.

Full event video is here

It was an actual dream of mine to see vogue battles live, I cannot express my happiness knowing I didn’t need to go anywhere out of the country to witness dance, inclusion, self- expression turned into celebration of individual identity! Who knows maybe next year, I’ll have enough courage to walk the runway myself.

So what to do if you don’t want to miss events like this in Vilnius?

Raidas is putting on all the newest information about classes, workshops and events on his social media accounts. Go and show him some love <3



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