Exploring Beauty Fair Pelene'19: K-Beauty & Stereotypes


HI! Like in previous year prettyugly team visited international beauty industry fair “Pelene” (Cinderella). Last year we were on a mission to find out what variety of cruelty-free stuff we can find there, however, it happened that we fell in love and we got glammed by makeup professionals. You can read all about it here & here.

This year Pelene brought different experiences.

I went there for the tea about makeup news and all that beauty world but I was pleasantly surprised by the art exhibition area. Out of curiosity, I went with it all in.


To give some context: at Pelene people can meet a lot of different areas of beauty industry: makeup, nail art, skincare cosmetics, hair, cosmetology gadgets, saunas, handmade accessories and all that stuff that is considered traditional beauty.

So it was a nice surprise to find an interactive exhibition about stereotypes which involved paintings, textile and aromatherapy.


For starters I grabbed the headphones and entered the tour. It began with abstract paintings. Voice in the headphones was telling me that by watching these paintings I’d dissociate from stereotypes and enjoy the luxury of existence. When we exist we go into self-recognition process, we don’t think about the looks and then we choose what we truly desire, not what’s “on trend”. All of the paintings and textiles were made via intuitive aesthetics: it was created by people in harmony, surrounded by beautiful things & people.

Well ok, that sounds all lovely. Very softcore way to talk about stereotypes in the environment like this.


After viewing all the exhibits it was time to play. A table with aromatherapy oils waited in the corner. There were cards with different illustrations painted by the same authors, so I had to choose the card which reflected my mood at that moment. On the other side of the card I had to guess what I think the author is (judging from the previous paintings) , what emotion+association it brings to me and which scent I’d attribute to the illustration.


That was a therapeutic experience from all of the buzz happening around in Pelene.

After this refreshing experience I dived back to the beauty product world. I saw this one stand called Taeguk.lt which specialises in Korean skincare products.

I love Korean beauty products first of all for their playful designs, which is, no, not for kids.

Kakao Friends

Kakao Friends

It’s Skin

It’s Skin

Second of all, they are made of things that grow on earth. Green tea, chia seeds, cherry blossoms, lemons and etc.

Nevertheless, Korea is known for their crazy beauty care culture, at some times, sorry but too crazy. Although what concerns skincare they are MAXIMALISTS. Kids from an early age are taught all about the skincare routines from moisturizing to exfoliating. Not just girls, boys too. They also believe in prevention than treatment, so they care for their skin all the time, not just when the zits or blemishes hits.


With this kind of background Koreans don’t consider skincare as luxury. They know what they want with their skincare, so they have good products at affordable prices. Also Korean skincare is known for the bazillion steps it has. So I thought I’ll give it a go and contribute at least a small part using k-sheet masks for a week that I got from Taeguk.lt. To give my skin that K-beauty glow!  

Have you tried Korean masks before? How was it? If it’s new to you, you can get K-beauty products from Taeguk FB shop with 10% OFF if you message them PRETTYUGLY!



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