Inspired by Frida Kahlo: Eyebrow on fleek

‘Does it really take just a line between eyebrows and a flower crown for you to become this extraordinary person?’

Frida Kahlo is an artist one must have heard about. For some she is known for her unique auto-portraits, for some - because of her extraordinary life story and for others she is known as ‘that woman with one eyebrow’.

Since my teenage years she was an artist, an icon and an example of feminism for me (at that point I wasn’t really sure what ‘feminism’ was really about). Her biography is known to me from A to Z, and I’m happy to consume movies and books about her so easily.


The same amount of time I spend reading books I also spend scrolling on Instagram. One picture recently got my attention, it was made by a one respectable fashion stylist. She was dressed as the artist we are talking about - flower crown, lace, huge skirt and of course one long eyebrow. It was obvious she dressed like this for a Halloween party.

I caught myself thinking how many of this exact interpretation of Frida I happen to have seen before. 3, 5 10? Fair amount of time I was also wanting to tryout this look of the Great Frida, but I always stayed hesitating and fearing of sharing the same look with another girl.

I shared insights with a colleague of mine and we started discussing does it really take just a line between eyebrows and a flower crown for you to become this extraordinary person? I realised that it is time for me to honour Frida Kahlo.


I knew that I want to do a really personal take on this look and I had a perfect occasion to show it off on fashion event. Idea of a makeup look came to me instantly, and it was a little bit harder with the outfit. After all the thinking it was clear that short tennis mini skirt and sneakers, i was planning to wear in the first place,  will make me more like Anna Kournikova rather than Frida, I got some results.

The final look came together with a pink oversize suit, vintage Dior shirt (a bit too small for me after long time of having it, but got a second life after pink wool heart applications) and classic black pants with fringe on the bottom that made me want to dance. Final touches that made the whole look come together - one long eyebrow from small diamond stickers and hair sprayed as hard as a rock, so no wind or storm was scary for me.

Needless to say I felt like a diva, who has the whole world under her feet throughout the event. The only dark side of this look was that I was only able to smile with the lower part of my face otherwise my eyebrow would have started falling apart.

During this experiment I realised that extraordinary people need same amount and level of respect. If you want to become Frida Kahlo, an old mom’s skirt and one eyebrow is not enough. Just like a pair of small rounded glasses doesn’t make you a John Lennon and the lightning on your face doesn't make you David Bowie. These are only cherries of the whole look, it takes much more work to embody the whole look. So why should we make it simpler?

Why shouldn't we go to the deepest places in our imagination and dress up like no one else in the world? Astronaut flower boy? You are very welcome. Marilyn Monroe IT specialist? Even better! As people say - go big or go home. You know you always wanted to get an award for the best costume. Maybe in the long time we will get bored of simple looks in daily life and realise that life is too short to dress in boring clothes.