Fashion Experiment: I have A Love/Hate Relationship With My Sneakers

Can I call myself sustainability lover if the only solution is to buy?

The idea of this fashion experiment came up to me when I had to run all over the town, it was pouring rain and there were mules on my feet. Needless to say, I wasn’t feeling comfortable and I had to do something about it.

Suddenly I started thinking about all those super duper cool girls from Pinterest wearing fantastic outfits and pairing it with sneakers! I started wondering, could I do that? Could I BE that girl?

pretty ugly blog
pretty ugly blog
pretty ugly blog

Even though I’m going step by step with fashion since forever, never had I ever understood the art of styling sporty shoes. I had my Nikes which I bought 3 years ago, but I only wore them for a photo shoot in a forest or to the grocery shop. I JUST DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO STYLE IT.

I immediately started to look for a new pair online. But can I call myself sustainability lover if the only solution is to buy?

I decided to take this challenge seriously and try to style my sneakers in 5 different ways & wear them 5 days in a row. Let’s see how it went.

Snapseed (5).jpg


I began with the easy breezy - cosy oversized pink dress.

pretty ugly blog


This challenge wasn’t easy, so again, I used a fashionable hack to pair it with tracksuit trousers and a bomber.

pretty ugly blog


Time for some glam! Shiny socks and huge thanks to VETEMENTS for teaching me & the world how to match sneakers and floral dresses.

pretty ugly blog


On this day nature was inviting to the seaside, so YES to leggings and YES to the soft top.

pretty ugly blog


The fifth day was the day I’ve cut my hair and matched it with a trench coat à la French.


Challenge resume:

  • I’m V proud that I haven’t bought a new pair - it would have been such a waste of money & good old shoes;
  • It was interesting to get out of my styling comfort zone & wear sneakers every day - even when I wasn’t feeling like wearing them;
  • I feel like I’m still far from the Pinterest girls outfit-wise, but now I will have less frustration dressing up when the next busy/rainy/lots of walking day appears;
  • I’m happy to be reunited with all my clacking, shiny, pointy shoesies, but I will continue to raise my qualification in sneakers styling - you’ll see! You’ll all see!