Getting Inspired With @mymakeupisshit: When Having No Style Becomes Your Style


Once I started doing more makeup looks, searching for a personal way of creating makeup seemed like a natural way to go. At the same time, it felt so limiting, choosing only one style of artsy expression and leaving all the rest look possibilities behind. At the heat of creative debate in my mind, I stumbled upon Daniele’s IG account, where she gets creative with different styles in each look she creates. I knew I need to talk to a style-fluid person to get a piece of her thinking.


How would you describe your makeup style?

I think my style is that I don’t have a style. The looks I create are quite weird, bizarre looking and really different from one another. I try to come out of my comfort zone and for every look to get inspired by different makeup artists.

You introduce yourself as a self-taught makeup artist, tell us more about your journey.

I started my makeup journey 5 years ago, I was caught up in Youtube. At that moment I started seeing lots of makeup enthusiasts around me and started watching a lot of basic makeup tutorials, hauls. Finally bought a ‘legit’ makeup palette from Naked Basics and started doing makeup on my friends.

Throughout the time my skills got better, my makeup collection got bigger, I started doing festive makeup for people I know, even for a little I worked in beauty salons as freelance makeup artist.

First 3 years I lived with brown and gold shades, and then I moved to Instagram where I found one of the weirder inspirators of mine - Dominiqueldr, I created my accound called mymakeupisshit and since then you can follow my evolution on instagram.

What were the reactions from people?

When I created mymakeup is shit, reactions were only positive. I think at that time I already had enough of experience and people arround me supported me a lot. Lately I have more and more luck, I’m giving interviews and soon one of the biggest will be released together with Dazed beauty.

Do you feel the support from makeup companies?

At first I wanted to become the Instagram star, but I gave up that idea pretty soon. I have no interest of becoming a makeup artist or turning my hobby into work and living out of it. Back in Lithuania I was invited for few events at NYX cosmetics, but personally I treid to be more focused on magazine editorials and photoshoots. I did makeup for Yaga festival poster, workshops in various festivals, did makeup on Virus fashion show runway.

How you choose cosmetics?

Honestly, I look for cheapest solution, I am a complete cheapskate. Unfortunatelly, I don’t take a closer look into product contents or expiration dates (and I do not recommend doing that to you). Although I put a lot of attention to skincare products, I choose natural and quality ones.

3 advices for a newbie

Proper skincare and knowing your skintype is the key. Expensive cosmetics not always  means good, cheap doesn’t always mean bad. Dare to experiment.

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