Halloween - Simple Idea Goes Further Than Extra


We don’t think you have to be extremely extra on ideas to come up with an original Halloween costume.

We DO think you only need one good inspiration.

Since official Halloween is just around the corner, we decided to be smart & not to waste time overthinking grand-extra-creative costumes and instead spend that time on something useful, like books or let’s say, calling your mom to say how much you love her.


Let us walk you through our logic - it only takes one strong yet simple inspiration to create an interesting and original costume. Like for example, an object, a colour or a feeling. Let’s take red, glossy lips ready to gossip everything around. It gives us the needed puzzle pieces - red colour, white colour of teeth & a black gap in between them.

Tips & tricks on how to manage a Halloween costume like a strong independent person who’s too busy reaching his/her’s life goals to waste time on silly things like over thinking a costume:

pretty ugly


Incorporate your costume into your makeup. Who cares that you need to go to work wearing that? Halloween is once a year for god’s sake, you need to celebrate!

pretty ugly


Details details details. This is what matters and everyone knows it.

pretty ugly


Go monochrome! And if somebody asks who are you this year you can always say 'A very fashionable person'.

Simple as that.

- Justina