Pretty Uglly Collab: How to be a perfect woman

We imagined how a real woman would look like trying to accommodate all these traits & requirements. Would she still remain sane?

You know that wonderful feeling of hearing a mental *CLICK* and you just know it’s meant to be?

This is exactly what happened when pretty ugly gals met Agniete - dancer & performance artist, feminist to the depths of the heart.

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Our ideas of being a feminist seemed so similar we had to do something together. We agreed that in our mind a feminist is neither a masculine woman who doesn’t shave her legs nor we should ignore the fact of the necessity of feminism.

Since we all here speak in the language of art we thought it would be a great idea trying to create something together.

Kids, a bit of history here, to get you where we are standing, March the 8th, the day when women walked out to the streets asking for equal working rights back in 1857 New York.
Time passed by and the day got itself a different shade & meaning. All we got left out are the flowers and compliments following how adorable, elegant and gracious, nice, and beautiful as the day of March the eighth women are. We even got to a comparison of a woman and the flower - fragile, beautiful, sensitive. Dears, this day is not about that… not at ALL. 

There are so many wishes & comparisons & compliments for a woman how she should feel or look or be, we got ourselves trying to imagine an unrealistic perfect image of a woman everyone is talking about.

Here are some examples we found of what a perfect woman should be:

Attractive, confident, feminine, intelligent, mature, semi-independent, loyal, decisive, sexy. Hot + smart + funny = The One. An athletic body type, social drinker, with a graduate degree, attractive, confident, feminine, intelligent, mature.

We imagined how a real woman would look like trying to accommodate all these traits & requirements. Would she still remain sane? It’s a nonsense, isn’t it?

Compliments should walk a long road ‘till it reaches where we are now. Ppl, we are talking about self-expression and the beauty of being one true, perfectly imperfect unchangeable true self.

Why would a fully functioning personality try to fit in a skinny dress and from all the things she is able to do, choose only being cute. Stay awesome, girls! (And let’s dance)