How to catch a trend and make it personal

It is time to learn how many shades there are for yellow, blue, polka dots, leopard or zebra!
catching a trend

A fashion trend can be described as a reflection of what seems to be going on around - in politics, economy or the world in general. Some trends are fun, some are very serious, some can be fabulous and some are pretty much just ugly. Aaaand always new ideas are on the way to replace the oldies. Trends are common among large groups of population and faithfully followed until new ones kicks in.

By following a certain trend you can consider yourself being a part of bigger group of similar minded. Used intensionally, it helps you be up to date and at the same time feel a part of a fabulous fashion organism. BUT, if you are a blind follower, you may end up burying your individuality and self expression in someone else’s vision.

Ages ago leopard print was regarded to be sign of wealth and status. In every kingdom exotic trophies, interior details and wardrobe pieces were a must. Not much has changed up to this day - just like a red lipstick, it's a classy choice, goes and looks good with literally anything. Like a secret weapon that can finish up your whole outfit and upgrade it to streetstyle-fashionista. Olsen twins has established this trend and made sure it became our closet essentials.

pretty ugly wardrobe is not an exeption. All three of us have completely different personalities, although neither of us could deny an attraction to this wild print.

catching a trend

Augustė A titled romantic of our gang, always wears dreamy dresses, vintage jackets and flowers. This time she chose a soft as a teddy bear bias cut dress with a juicy detail - cheetah print cuffs. We call this outfit ‘cute but with character’.

catching a trend

Justė Minimalist, colored clothes are a rare occasion in her wardrobe, this time she chose leopard as a finishing touch to her look. Chunky heels, classic pants and faux leopard fur coat - you don’t want to mess with this gurl.

catch a trend

Justina Always goes for zero logic. Take pyjamas, add shiny shoes and vintage bomber with leopard details, mix some furry cheetah hat with extra ears and you have yourself a warm outfit for chilly night out.

So here you have 3 girls, 1 trend and 3 totally different style interpretations. It’s a proof that there is no such a thing as ‘it just doesn’t work for me’. It’s just your attitude. As we say - YOU LIKE IT, YOU WEAR IT.

One movie made sure we all know grey has more than 50 shades. It is time to learn how many there are for yellow, blue, red, polka dots, leopard or zebra. More prints, more colours, more fun!!!!!