Inspired by movies: Grey Gardens

Inspired by movies: Grey Gardens

One hot summer evening during a meeting with my dear friend, I was told about this documentary which blew my friend's mind - it changed the way how she perceives daily looks therefore it inspired her to improve her daily style. Deeply intrigued by her story, of course why shouldn’t I be, I immediately watched the movie.

Grey Gardens 1975 Trailer

It wasn’t the plot which made this glorious impact but the main character who inspired to take a different glance to scarfs.

Her name was Edith Bouvier Beale or Little Edie (1917 - 2002), an American socialite, fashion model and cabaret performer. Back in the days she lived together with her mom and despite of disturbing hygiene of their surroundings she always cared about her style. It wasn’t a deal breaker to wear a lipstick or a fur coat even though she used to spend her days in a messy house in the middle of nowhere, having guest on a very rare occasion.

Little Edie had no hair, she developed a disease which caused her body hair to fall out and prompted her to wear her signature headscarves or literally any fabric she could put on her head (old clothes, turtlenecks etc.).

Little Edie

She styled it with different outfits and tried different fastening including knots, brooches, you name it. This exact need to dress up and express personal style is the most inspiring thing.

When you consider yourself way more outgoing person but you don’t even make half of an effort that Edie makes, then suddenly you have an enlightenment; from the Edie's perspective you look SO F*CKING BORING.

Inspired by Edith's self expression I decided to try and play with those key accessories myself.

Inspired by movies: Grey Gardens

Inspired by her most iconic golden diamond brooch look, I took a red headscarf and improved it with a crystal gold earrings.

The scarf made me feel like a representative of eastern culture although my grey tank top brought me back to the western world.

Inspired by movies: Grey Gardens

Edie adored floral theme as well as I do, so I grabbed my blue scarf with flower patterns and pimped it with floral theme brooches. All this cutesy mesh of flowers and makeup made me feel like a real life doll.

Inspired by movies: Grey Gardens

Little Edie also liked wearing brown fur coat, so I wore my favorite pink faux fur and matched it with a cream-brown scarf top knotted on my forehead. Combination of fur and expressive head peace revealed my extravagant side and I could easily wear this in public.