Jesús from Madrid: Sadness is a pearl for creativity

If I get a thought or an idea to do anything... I have to do it whatever it is!

Spanish soul, social media personality who knows how to translate tears into bursts of positivity. Today we talk about inspirations and self expression with an incredible Jesús.

Can you introduce yourself? Who are you, what do you do?

My name is Jesús Lafuente, although people might know me as Fideo (noodles). I'm into fashion. I am studying fashion design & work in a fashion showroom, and sometimes I am a model.

What inspires you for photographs/sets of pictures?

Inspiration comes from everywhere - it can be an object, or the sound of a gentleman walking down the street with an attitude. It inspires me!

What are the three main things that are essential for your style/identity?

Three fundamental things - an attitude, jokes and positivity.

Romanticism is a recurring theme in your pictures. Are you inspired by romanticism era? What are the things that attract your attention?

Not really. Although it is more beautiful if there is a feeling behind every work and idea of capturing the beauty.

What are the topics you are inspired by?

The main theme that inspires me is sadness. Crying. And the opposite - flamenco. The Gypsy.

How being a model affected/helped to shape your personal style? Is being a canvas for designer/stylist ideas had any influence?

I think being a model has little affect on my personal style. I have been influenced more by the circles of people in which I moved,  throughout my life they have been very varied.

Do you paint? Or are engaged in any other kind of art?

I have many hobbies. From painting to creating a piece of furniture. I like to try everything. If I get a thought, an idea to do anything .. I have to do it, whatever it is!

How often do you do style makeovers? How do you know that you need one?

I make style changes all the time. I have no idea what I need. Sometimes the things I do or the clothes I wear feel terrible, but you have to play with it and have fun!

The hair changed constantly since I was 15 years old haha. I have worn all kinds of hairstyles and colours, except red.

You have this 'I don’t give a f*' attitude in your pics, is that real Jesus or is it a character you perform on Insta?

He's a half-character. There are things in life I do not give a shit about. Although people think I expose my life a lot, I only show what interests me that they know of, a character does not really exist. I'm not a serious kid, nor is my life as ’cool’ as it looks on Instagram.

A person has both masculine and feminine sides/features although society suggests to choose only one and stick to it dictated by our gender. What do you think about that? And how do you keep the 'balance'? Do you even try to keep it?

The society should f*** off a little bit more and stop judging everything. Let each person look at oneself and, if they want to, they can judge themselves.

What do you do when you get sad?

When I am sad I love to transform it into something physical, before it takes over me. And then go and laugh with my friends about it.

How do you lift your mood?

I am a very positive person. I think everything bad can be made into something good.

What makes your heart pump faster?

Love & seeing the people I want makes me very happy. Also it pumps faster when I'm very nervous. And the energy drinks.

Best styling in music video?

I think Solange has a great team behind. Her style is very good.

Best styling tip?

If you are small in stature, like me, wear high-heeled boots!

Your favourite colour(s)?

My favorite colour is black.

Your favourite texture(s)?

The skin.

Where is your happy place?

My happy places are Madrid and Jerez, the city where I was born and the one that inspires me the most.

Do you follow trends?

I just follow the trends of very few designers and my friends.

You can follow Jesús visual story on Instagram here