Makeup Experiment: Second Day in Beauty Fair Pelenė 2018


As we were walking further still charmed by EVO HAIR brand & products (first part of story of our #brandcrush here) we stumbled upon a woman near big mirrors with light bulbs and makeup artists passionately working with models. She asked if we would be up for makeup makeover & boy how we love makeovers!

Soon we found out that it was a stand by makeup school called Makeup2go which is teaching not only makeup artists wannabe but also clumsy, afraid and stuck in wondering people.  Why this makeup brush is different from the other or how to decently apply an eyeshadow to YOUR eyes. 

So back to makeover. We were offered some popcorn & a glass of champagne (fancee) till our turn came. Monika was the name of our makeup master. She asked us what we would like to learn most about if we prefer to accent our lips, eyes etc. 

We both went with “let’s try crazy eyes”. Juste was the first one, she’s a person who always wears cat eyeliner, it’s like her natural face feature, someone was born with long lashes or thin eyebrows, Juste was born with black eyeliner on her lids. 

Sooo, Juste felt like experimenting and we asked our makeup guru to go extra, especially when there’s a professional handling our faces. Together we chose colours that were furthest away from Juste’s comfort zone - cool tone mix of teal, aqua blue and purple. Once we used teal, it was clear the colour party was just starting, soon all the other colours joined in and the look was really out there. Everything came together so flawlessly that the colour that seemed challenging at first came out looking really “IN PLACE”.

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Next, it was my turn! The situation with my eyes and eyeshadows that looks I adore can get complicated. I don’t like traditional eyeshadow looks, If I go with eyeshadows I go creative. 

After few moments I decided to go with the flow, and my main goal there was to find out how to TRADITIONALLY place eyeshadows correctly for the SAD EYE type, which I have. 

I was told where to put darker and lighter colours to “open” my eyes more. It was a bit tough for me as a person who only uses 1 colour then adds a ton of glitter and calls it done. Do I need a palette of one colour in different shades, or I can use totally different colours to accent those crucial features? I forgot to ask that, because I’m always in a little trance when someone is working on my face or hair. I left to my creativity and experiments for me to try myself.

In the end -  Juste was a real colour popsicle as my eyes definitely looked bigger, as they say, “more open” (it’s also bcs I don’t wear mascara like ever and the makeup artist covered my lashes with that black magic). 

So I guess this was pretty much a day well spent, going really out there with makeup looks and then back again with the understanding of how fun, simple and influential experiments actually are. 

Also our makeup master Monika was really inspired by our willingness to experiment with makeup, so we decided to create some collab content in the future. A total win win win situation.

OK bye now, and see you next year Cinderella!

- Auguste