Marija Unkind: 100 Days Of Creative Makeup


Bright colours, gore and Halloween vibes all year through? Yes, please! A profile of MUA Marija, better known as Marija Unkind, caught my attention a year ago. The makeup looks are full of intricate details and created as creative challenges for oneself. This talented girl comes from Vilnius, she is a photography student and this is what she has to tell you about the makeup.

How would you describe your makeup style?

My style is quite mixed, it’s between super bright and colourful, achromatic and gory. I like shocking and provocative, full of contrast looks. I think makeup is the art form and just like art, it needs to provoke you into feeling something.

Where you learned to do makeup?

It was always part of my hobby since the very early teenage years. I loved doing strong and dark makeup on myself. I used to try out new shapes and details in my looks regularly. Just like that I got better at my skills and learned more.

When I started digging deeper into makeup, Youtube wasn’t a thing, Instagram either. My inspiration came from gothic, metal and similar alternative bands and gothic culture itself. Speaking about particular makeup artists, up to this day my biggest inspirations are Ve Neill, Rick Baker, Alex Box and similar makeup ‘giants’.

I learned makeup while doing it and later when I was already working, I went and got makeup artist profession.

What were the reactions from the crowd?

First reactions came from the people around me and they were mixed. At that moment there were not so many artists who did something untraditional. Of course, there was a lot of support and encouragements to move forward and not to stop. Later photographers and models started reaching out, inviting to collaborate.

Tell us about the 100-day makeup challenge

I started this challenge with the idea of creating something new every single day. I try to give as much time as possible for one look and it’s not that easy as it might seem.

Even the minimalist looks require a lot of time because you need to think of the idea, match the colours and actually do it.  I learned to dive into colours and textures with more confidence and it gave me ideas for even bigger upcoming projects in the future.

Do you feel the support from makeup companies?

Companies surely are not rushing to contact me and offer their products, only recently I started receiving mail and gifts. Up untill then NYX professional makeup was the main supporter. But I am not surprised by not being in promo lists. I have a small list of followers and I’m not doing makeup reviews. I’m just creating what I like.

What cosmetic products do you use?

My collection consists of both professional and cheap makeup products. I don’t really choose products by price, I’m more interested in the quality.

I’m always looking for products who would help me to create a memorable look. I prioritise companies who do not test on animals.

What 3 tips would you give for a person who just started their makeup journey?

Do not compare your work to others, always practice and stay strong in the pressure to create like the others!

3 MUA profiles you would recommend to follow:

It’s so hard to pick just 3, it’s so many out there. I would recommend to check out: