Mark Andreatta: Poetic Daily Fashion Captures


Scrolling through the widths of Instagram we came across the poetic daily captures by Mark. Questions needed to be asked, so this is our conversation about inspirations, fashion and things that make us - US.


How would you introduce yourself? What do you do? Work, study?

Hai! My name is Mark Andreatta, and I’m just a daisy fresh boy. I guess that’s how I’d introduce myself. But I totally found out later after having that in my Tinder bio that it means you’re a virgin... regardless, it’s still really cute IMO. But Hi! I’m a wardrobe stylist based in San Francisco, but most importantly I exist as a double Gemini with a moon in Scorpio.


Why did you decide to present yourself through fashion?

I don’t think it was ever a decision, but something that came from an early age that kind of molded itself into where I’m at now. The fashion, of course, was always a really important medium for self-expression for me, without taking anything seriously.


Where do you get your inspirations from?

A lot of my inspiration comes from textures, color, shapes, and my environment. San Francisco really enhances my style and inspiration, especially with all of the tonal colors throughout the architecture. I also find a lot of my inspiration through Mia Farrow’s films and persona.


 If you had to describe your look in three words what they would be?

Freak, freaky, and freak.


Could you tell us about the breaking point you understood fashion will be your game field?

I guess it really stemmed from working for my best friend, Kellyn, who at the time was assisting an editorial stylist in NYC. I had previously been working for American Apparel for 4 years in the field of merchandising, and felt really stuck there – but she provided me with this entire new window into fashion that I wasn’t yet familiar with. I’ll always thank her for that.


Do you dress the same we see you on insta on daily basis or (clothes, makeup)? How do friends, parents and people who don’t know you react, what do they say, do they have different opinions?

I don’t have a different IRL vs URL persona. Who I am online is who I am in a person, and I think that’s the most important thing in the era of social media. So many kids in this era are constantly comparing themselves to other people on platforms like Instagram and trying to obtain that image, but being organic and authentic and true to yourself is the most important thing, not validation via some app.

My friends are also some of my main inspirations as well – they’re all creatives and I’m blessed to have formed such beautiful bonds over the years.

A lot of the times with people who don’t know me, they’ll compliment me by saying they ~love my costume~ Sometimes it’s hard not to take offence, especially because my look isn’t a costume, it’s who I am. But everything in life is a double-edged sword tbh. I try to see the best in everyone, even though there are often times where people expose their worst self.

Your best fashion/styling tip?

Be authentic to yourself, and don’t be anything other than how you’re feeling. Avoid trends at all costs.


If suddenly we all start wearing anything but clothes, what would be your first object to choose to put on yourself?

Like in Ancient Greek Art, maybe like, a fig leaf. But more than likely I’d just want to wrap myself up in lilac shrubs.


Are there any fashion rules or guidelines you always found yourself questioning?

Mostly all of it. I guess I’ve never really understood “rules” or “guidelines” with fashion. What’s the point in limiting yourself, especially when there are so many ways to express ourselves through our individual styles? No one should feel inclined to present themselves a certain way because some rule told them they had to.


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Where do you shop/get your clothes?

Thrift, thrift, thrift, thrift. I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought anything outside of the thrift. Maybe I need to expand my horizons. But honestly, I love digging and shifting through the racks of clothes. I really just look for color depending on my mood and energy that day and then pair really unmatching and undesired colors together.


When was the time you started questioning and erasing ‘feminine’ & ‘masculine' clothing boundaries? How long did it take for you to start dressing this way?

Funny story – when I was a toddler, I would cry and cry and cry if I didn’t have barrettes or bows in my hair, so my dad decided to shave my head and then shave an even closer cut to outline a Nike Swoosh into the back of my head to portray or stamp some sort of masculinity into me. Obviously didn’t work. So, I guess as soon as I could fully express myself and really understand identity, I started dressing more feminine. All of my influences are feminine.


What would you say to people who are afraid to express themselves through clothes?

You’re beautiful, do what makes you feel comfortable, and don’t let anyone condition you into a certain way of thinking.