Meet & Greet: The Cool Kids of Kaunas

You don’t have to try to be cool, you have to try to be true self and ‘cool’ comes with it.

Have you ever dreamt about being a part of cool kids who always hang out together, looking all flawless, as if coming from a scene in Breakfast Club? Well now you can. 
Meet Cool Kids of Kaunas, 4 kiddos living active, creative life & hanging out in the coolest accessory of their daily look - hometown Kaunas. You can become a member of this group with one click. So:

What it takes to be a cool Kid?

Timas: If there are five friends and all of them look the same, they are not cool kids, most probably they are a bunch of copycats. Cool kids must be unique and individual.  

Diana: You have to be active and reach for your goals. Our activities is not only to upload pictures, each of us  has hobbies and interests and without them we wouldn’t be as cool.

Rokas: You don’t have to try to be cool, you have to try to be true self and ‘cool’ comes with it.

Justas: Once you are an individual, automatically you do something different and interesting. You share it on social media and here you go - you walk on the street and you hear how someone calls you a cool kid. Truly, it’s just an honest being true self.


Is Cool Kids Of Kns an original idea or you’ve seen similar types of profiles before? What inspired you?

D: We haven’t seen anything similar in Lithuania, although world wide in blogs or magazines such as i-D or Dazed you can see articles about similar groups of cool kiddos.

R: We haven’t seen a platform like this to unite people, so we say it’s an original idea. It’s inspired by common goal to show the beauty of our town.


Why have you decided to communicate as a group? Why you introduce yourselves through a location? Can you describe this town?

T: People that I know from towns arround usually has a misconception about Kaunas. Knowing so little about the place they come to a conlcusion nothing is happening here, they have no idea it’s full of life and interesting people. Therefore we decided to upload pictures from our daily life, what we are doing, what’s new in town and in this way fix the misleading image.

And for those who have no idea about this town in general, we’d like to be an encouragement to visit.

R: We are a group of people and we have no intention to talk as seperate personas. We like to think about ourselves as likeminded young community.  We want to show Kaunas in a way no one saw it before.

D: Kaunas has a great potential, full of interesting people and unique for it’s architecture and beauty.

J: The goal is to show new face of Kaunas who is no way simillar to an old image of hooligans and bullies. Nowadays it’s full of young, beautiful, stylish and active people and streetart.


Your page includes a lot of artworks and art. Can you tell us more, how are you connected with art and what do you do besides it?

T: Again it’s a thing that unites us as friends. Most of us went or still are attending the same artschool in town.

R: More or less each of us is connected with art: painting, streetart or photography. The whole town culture is connected to art, cinema, music.

D: Despite art I’m interested in theories of conspiracy.

J: Art is media that connects all of us, some take pictures others paint some create fashion. That’s the way we communicate daily.


The future. Who are you going to be and what would you like to do in 5 years? What is the picture of you and your hometown?

T: In five years I hope Kaunas will be a capital of culture 2022. I would like to picture it being more international kind of town.

R: I’m studying photography, also doing tattoos, after studies I hope to continue on doing it fulltime. I’m sure the town will be great place to live in 5 years, you can feel the progress and the spring of town.

D: I’m studying photography, and have no clue what is going to be after five years.

J: I want to stay myself, create and not to limit myself in one area, although I do see myself in arts. I’m planning of leaving but I do hope town will improve due to young people such as ourselves.


If you had a challenge to show the best places in Kaunas, which ones would you show and why?

T: I would walk them not through the main street - Laisves Avenue but through parallel paths and backyards. It’s also a great way to escape busy town fairs with lots of people.

R: I would like to walk through the whole Laisves Avenue, oldtown and park in the end. That’s the path who gives good vibe of Kaunas. Also a Zaliakalnis region in town. I haven't seen places like this somewhere else.

D: Oldtown and park between rivers. Oldtown is very tiny and cozy warm and the park shows how close to town the nature is.


Kaunas is an interwar town, recently added to Unesco list for it’s architecture. Do you notice or feel past vibes in town today?

T: I haven't noticed interwar vibes or architecture until oldtown got into list. After that I started to notice that indeed there’s something special in details, balconies etc. It got truly interesting. Visitors from other places used to tell me it’s special and now I get why.

D: Yes, Kaunas architecture is one of the unique points of this town and I’m happy about this exclusiveness. I notice more and more visitors in town who are interested in architecture.

R: If you go through town with your head heading upwards - you can see an outstanding view. Unexpected details appear in different places. I used to notice it many years back and now when it is part of Unesco I always think ‘Told you so!”


Do you think you are a reflection of most youth in Kaunas? Or is it just a personal point of view?

T:  Every group of friends would show Kaunas in a different way. Some would make it in a way you wouldn’t want to step a foot in town. The way we do it doesn’t seem like extraordinary or unique way of living either.

R: It’s hard to describe Kaunas youth, in no way you could represent everyone but hopefully we all have similar values.

J: In a way we reflect daily life of active youth, and each of us gives a personal twist of individualism.


Is there anyone you look up to and want to be just like those people?

T:  It’s hard to like anything truly, nobody's perfect.

R: There are people that I respect and follow, but I try not to be them.

D: Same here, also I’m inspired by RuPaul.

J: I try not to be “like someone” and stay myself, although there are personalities that made influence on me from childhood till now, like George Michael, his videos inspired me since little days.


How do you choose your outfits? Does your clothes affect the way you feel throughout the day?

T: As much as possible I try not to look as an arstist.

D: If I’m heading to study, usually I just go for comfortable. And it’s also affected by my mood. If I feel happy I will invest more time in choosing my outfit.

R: I don’t like having lots of clothing, I’m just staying with essentials and mix & match them.

J: Outfit usually resembles my mood, so it’s changing just like my emotions does. Sometime particular details in my clothing makes me feel better or worse, to be confident about myself or to inspire me to shine. The mood is affected by my outfits. It depends on time of the day or year. Usually I wear something very simple and black and add glasses, purse or my beloved fur. Eclectics is a common accent in my daily routine.


Only recently in Kaunas we saw an opening of H&M store. How does that affect your fashion choices? What is your opinion about this store?

T: Haven’t been there.

D: H&M no strong feelings towards it, neither I like it nor I don’t. It’s obvious more people will start to look the same wearing identical clothing, I’ve been there couple of times and found nothing to suit my taste.

R: No strong feelings either. Once it has opened I’ve been there once and found nothing. No to mass production.

J: Fast fashion shops usually offers trendy looks, therefore we will see more people dressing in the same looking clothes and accessories. I have nothing against it, I like to change and reimagine things that I buy there.

Where do you shop for clothes?

D: The vintage clothing shop in an old town.

R: I happen to find my clothes randomly, thrifted, vintage shops or fast fashion shops. I think clothes should be chosen from a wide variety of sources and shops.

J: Fast fashion shops and if I really like something I buy designer clothes. Also I like making new and unique clothes on my own.

What is your favourite clothing item?

T: Denim jackets, military jackets all jackets in general.

D: I like turtlenecks and Dr. Martens shoes.

R: Black skinny jeans. Always puts everything together.

J: Definitely glasses, you can hardly find me not wearing it in reality or photos.

Do you match your outfits to the town or the town matches you?

T: When I was visiting Copenhagen, I saw nobody cares how you  are dressed. In Kaunas for looking different you get everyones attention, it can be flattering and annoying at the same time. In other words, the town makes you to ‘fit in’ in the general mood.

J: Some details of town automatically reflect in clothing. It’s just the way it is.

R: When I was younger, I used to get mad about people giving their comments about different looks than usual. Now times had changed, no one comments that much. Also I’m happy to get opinions of ‘town critics’ , it gives you a taste of reality and when it seems to be too much. As far they are commenting clothing I think it is possible to compromise.

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