Meet Noah Carlos: The Bold Statement Of Genderless Fashion

If you aren’t comfortable in what you’re wearing, you gotta fake it β€˜til you make it and pretend you f****** own the place.

What's common between internet, hair clips and unique personal style? The answer is Noah Carlos 16-year-old, fun loving teen from SoCal California.

The master of genderless fashion. Noah doesn't get offended if you call him she/her because not that many people have an androgynous look.

Hairclips. How often and why you wear them, and how many do you own?

Hair clips. Where do I begin? I first started wearing bobby pins last year when I cut my bangs all wonky. So I put it up while they grew out. Then I got a haircut and I didn't need them anymore. Then I planned on growing my hair out and my bangs got super thick and annoying so I decided to pin them back.

I thought to myself 'If I wear black bobby pins, why don't I just make it obvious and wear coloured ones'. Then I went to the drugstore and bought one of each coloured pack. Since I have curly hair, I have to straighten my bangs. When I don't have time, I just pull my hair back into clips. Now it's loserthrift's signature look. The clips.

Style inspiration sources?

Oh, my style inspo. So so so many. One of my absolute fav style inspo is internetgirl, her goth style but cyber girl looks make my heart melt and I am just attracted to her style. I also take many style inspiration from the 50s and 70s. Also, a HUGE inspiration of mine is y2k looks, like Avril Lavigne in sk8er boi, baggy skater looks, and the y2k queen, Britney ofc. I also take a lot of inspiration from 90s catalogues!

How one person can contain so much glamour?

WOW, I've never really been told I have 'glamour'. But my secret is to be yourself and wear whatever the hell you want. If you aren't comfortable in what you're wearing, you gotta fake it 'til you make it and pretend you f***** own the place.

Flames in your pics, serving a trend or your personal interest in fire?

Flames. Hm, I can't really pinpoint when and how I started wearing flames. It just came to be. I don't think it's a personal interest in fire or me trying to be 'trendy' because I don't want to be on trend with everything. I want to be ahead of the trends. But idk I was just gravitated towards flames and many people assume me with flames. When they think of loserthrift they mostly think of hair clips, flames, me = loserthrift.

Favourite colours? WHY?

My favourite colours. HMM. I love primary colours like blue, red, and yellow. But recently I have been loving complementary colours such as orange, green, and purple. For some reason complementary colours are my go-to for the spring and summer while primary colours are for the fall and winter.


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Best things/jewellery to decorate yourself?

Best things to decorate yourself with? To me, you have to find the right jewellery that suits you. I love to use hair clips or berets as a quick accessory if my hair is messy. You just throw em on and you look cute as hell.

I also love thick hoop earrings and layering chain necklaces together. Also, you have to make sure that all the jewellery you are wearing, matches. If you were to wear silver hoops and gold necklaces it will seem inconsistent so always stick to silver to silver, black to black, or gold to gold. If you like wearing two different metals that's up to you, and who am I to judge!

Thrift shopping strategy, when you enter thrift shop, where are you heading at first? What catches your attention?

My main thrifting strategy is to look through EVERYTHING! And by everything I mean EVERYTHING! Through men's, women's, and children racks because they all have some cute gems!

When I go into a thrift store, I always start with shoes because if you find a good pair, then you are a lucky butt! Nothing catches my eye that often because I go through every hanger and rack individually!

What would you do if there was no social media platform to share your outfits?

I think about this quite often. I personally think if there wasn't any social media platform to share my outfits, I probably would be so depressed. Since I basically share my whole outfit on social media, many people are inspired by them which makes me so happy.

What role does your glasses have in your daily outfit? Necessity or voluntary choice?

Glasses. I used to hate my glasses but it is a necessity, and NOT A fashion accessory. I have really poor eyesight so it's a necessity. Now I love my glasses because I feel like it shapes my face and it is an iconic look TBH!

School love it or hate it?

I HATE my school! No one accepts difference and change so it's such a negative place for my creativity!

What do you do with ppl's opinions?

I personally don't care about other people's opinions, it makes me want to be more different because they inspire me to be a better version of myself.

Getting attention, do you enjoy it? Why?

Yes, I enjoy it because it shows that I am different than everybody in my area. But yes it does get annoying after a while. TBH I just stare at them back when I am sick of it and I tell them to take a picture of me because it will last long! I am just that petty!

Male and female oriented style/clothing, does it exist or have people created it?

Gender clothing is just a societal norm! Humans created it just like how we created racism, global warming, and prejudice. I believe it is not really real, like is a car just made for a man? No. It's just a way to get to places faster and clothes are just a way to express yourself. Clothing has no gender! If you like something then wear it!

Your favourite mood lifting food?

Hmm, I don't really have a mood-lifting food. I just eat whatever I crave but recently I have been loving sweet items, which isn't me! I recently have been loving cake omg!

How being skinny affect the way you choose clothing or the way you do styling?

Being skinny doesn't really bother me. I just buy whatever I like and I am very blessed to have a sewing machine so if I need to, I take the item in. Recently I have been into baggy items so it all works out!

Your favourite costumes in a movie?

I love movies and mostly I am interested in it if they have cute costumes! But a classic and so predictable is CLUELESS. Clueless is what started my love for fashion. And come on PLAID?! ICONIC!

What message you would like to transfer to the rest of the world?

Clothing has no gender and people will stare at you no matter what. Wear what you want to wear and if you aren't comfortable, you got to FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT!

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