New Gem Shop For Creative Sustainable Mind


We’ve been mumbling about sustainability since the day Pretty Ugly was born. It was always a part of us & one of our main values. The first ever team project, an experimental clothing collection called GIRL POWER was created based on zero waste ideology.

In blog posts, we’ve been showing how to play with style sustainably and nevertheless to mention our dear readers absolute favourite - Free The Nipple shirts were 100% upcycled.

As you can see, we are truly, madly, deeply IN LOVE with upcycling & making eco - friendly choices to make mama Earth happy & proud.


For example, The Gossip Suit in #GirlPower16 was created by upcycling a jacket and trousers from an old suit, covering it in embroidered lip patches made from leftovers of old material.

Here in Pretty Ugly we love playing dress up daily. We love arts & crafts, we loooove hunting for new gems in different places and spaces all around the world. What we aspire to is long lasting and interesting pieces, item sharing and upcycling culture. Why make new, low-quality pieces if there are already plenty already made ones, with whom we can play, upgrade, remake & share?


That leads to our newest closet project - GEM SHOP
A place where we  share our lucky finds with you



What kind of items I will find there?

You will find hand picked designs, from jewellery to clothes and shoes. It's an eclectic collection of items that caught our eye.

What makes the prices?

The prices consist of gem hunting, remaking, upcycling, prepping and presenting to you.

How does it work? 

You can find and get all the gems on Etsy, follow the updates and news about new arrivals on Instagram and Facebook. Oh, and special discounts and offers for Pretty Ugly club members only.

Text: Justina