Starting As A Creative Makeup Artist On Instagram: Conversation With Noah


I found Nojus unexpectedly on a casual insta scroll day. He is new in the makeup field and already confidently playing with colours and recreating looks from Youtube giants.

The fact that I’m seeing all the progress in front of my eyes was trully captivating. At the beginning of starting makeup experiments, it’s really inspiring to talk not only with muas counting years of experience, but also with like minded fresh starters like yourself & finding their sollutions to same problems. So this is what we talked about.

How would you describe your style?

I found visage quite recently & try to test out as many things as possible, so there’s no name to describe it all yet. It depends on my mood, one day I want something simple the other I’m into drag or avant garde.

Tell us how you started makeup

2-3 years back I came across Nikki tutorials video ‘ How to contour like an instagram pro’. At that time I knew nothing about makeup but I got hooked. The video was filled with irony, and impressed me so much I wanted to see more and more. She used to create videos with Jeffree Star and Manny Mua, so these three got me interested in visage in the first place.

I watched so many tutorials I even started having dreams about makeup. One day, when I was alone at home I decided trying to do a look myself. TBH, I think it was pretty good for a first try. I snapchatted it  to my friends and they were honestly impressed and supportive. They even encouraged me to create insta account for my looks and after half a year I finally did it!

what were the initial reactions when you started showing your work on the internet

I was hesitant whether to share the pictures, I thought Lithuania isn’t the most tolerable environment to do so. At first I got few negative comments and I was expecting even more of them. Now I don’t get them. Comments actually are very positive, people encourage me not to stop and to do more.

where you search for inspiration?

I get inspired by a lot of things. Sometimes I see a colour combination and I can already imagine how it would look on my face. Sometimes it’s nature: plants, animals or birds, sometimes it’s random objects around the house, like starbucks coffee cup, clothes or a package of mascara. Also I get inspired by other people, I try to recreate their looks in my way.

do you feel the support from makeup companies?

Speaking about the companies I do feel the support from them but it’s so small. Beauty industry is high in competition, to wait and expect to be noticed seems pointless, I try to focus on my self expression.

How you choose products to work with?

Cosmetics are expensive, at this point I’m looking for the best quality and price balance. Quality is first, but for the beginner price is a sensitive topic.

What would be your advice for the begginers?

Practise is first. It takes longer than one night. Don’t panic after seeing perfect Insta pics, sometimes there is more FaceTune than talent. Also don’t be scared to try something out of your comfort zone, something new, unusual, keep looking for your style. And finally believe in yourself and that you can do what you want to do.

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