Hot Day Style Experiment: Robert's undies

‘I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU SHOULD WEAR! For gods sake, put on anything, put on my boxer shorts!’

It happened during one hot summer day. Thermometer hit +33C  and I was planning a day outdoors with my friends. I am a huge fan of layering clothes, so this time I had no idea what to wear, neither did I had something for the day this hot. I stared to an open wardrobe for quite some time and had lost all hopes on wearing anything at all. My enthusiasm also dropped down below zero.

People were waiting and tension was high, so I raised an ultimatum  - I am not going anywhere till I find something to wear that will not make me melt from the heat. My colleague and dear life partner got frustrated by my whining so he shouted: ‘I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU SHOULD WEAR! For gods sake, put on anything, put on my boxer shorts!’

He noticed my honest interest in this idea so he acted fast - I got a wide selection of men's underwear to choose from. My top choice were the ones with greyish patterns on white background. I paired it with white t-shirt, socks with unicorns, sneakers and pink bomber, in case I get cold on the evening. Problem solved. I’m happy. Robert is even happier. We finally got out.

roberts undies

After  meeting all my friends, I asked them ‘How do you like my new shorts?’ and only received a positive response, they liked it.  And then I followed with a second question ‘Could you tell that these are men’s boxer shorts?’. With the amazement in their eyes, all of them answered  ‘Now that you told me I can't unsee this’.  

All in all, experience was great. I was able to move freely, ride a bike with no problem or worries of wind lifting up my skirt, or that I will sweat my ass off in jeans.  Heat season has ended now, but I keep on looking for answers to ‘what to wear’ in my boyfriend's wardrobe. Although he is not always happy about sharing his clothes, I’m glad to see that he started to follow my example more and more often. I have to admit, difference of our sizes gives us a harder time, but we will figure it out in the future. Solutions are closer than we think.

Robert's Undies