Size Matters NOT: Body Positive Ambassador Giedre

In these places I feel like a valuable buyer and a part of fashion, I have a freedom to choose what to buy, not just what suits my size.

Charming laughter, energetic activities and a strong belief that size is not everything that matters. Interview with irreplacable Giedre Valaviciute, author of a blog named Dydis Nesvarbu (eng. Size Matters NOT) & the ambassador of body positivity.

How Dydis Nesvarbu (eng.  Size Matters not) started?

It started when I saw an ad on the internet, where a perfectly shaped thin girl was asking ‘Are You bikini ready?’. And what triggered me is not the ad itself but the reactions it got from UK bloggers & women in general. Everyone was saying Everybody is summer ready, all you need is just a bikini’. I felt the same feeling of being unincluded & left out in the massively adored thin body type cult as a representee of a different body type. At that moment I began reasearching more about body positivity topics.

Do you run the blog all by yourself?

Yes, although I have my friends as an invisible part of the team, which consults & inspires me. I would love to work in a team in the future.

Body positive blogger Giedre visited Pretty Ugly HQ

Body positive blogger Giedre visited Pretty Ugly HQ

Is it a lifestyle or a fashion blog? Or is it both?

My goal is to make it fifty fifty. I would like to go deeper into a fashion world, and to show that you can be strong and stylish personality in any shape you are. Also I would like to give more social initiatives to my blog, to get out of the internet and go to schools to talk about body positivity loud & live.

Who is your reader? Is it only plus size people or does it include others who ‘doesn’t match the standard’?

Once one of the interviewers without my knowledge changed the name of the article to ‘Dydis Nesvarbu founder fights the cult of thin body’. And suddenly that made me into a fighter! I don’t fight, especially against the ‘cult of thinness’.
My blog is the place for everybody, because we all have complexes, men, women doesn’t matter. I represent a bigger size therefore it is mostly shown through my personal point of view. I would like to keep the duality in the blog. To go deeper into topics such as getting old, how person is feeling, what thoughts come accros the mind. Or for example women wearing burqa’s, what is their point of view to a body topics? I want to hear stories.

Fashion is the field you can feel most of the body discrimination?

It's the most noticeable in fashion. Maybe it is not a discrimination but rather only one perspective - go do sports to be thin. What is wrong with me if I am not thin? Why can't I go to do sports to be healthy?
I would like to inspire other women not to think they have to be one size or another. We all have complexes. Standards is the trick of marketing to make them buy more. Photoshoped and unexistant beauty, which is used by pharmacies, sport clubs, cosmetics, clothing shops and etc. The industry of beauty needs you to feel not pretty enough (it’s ironic isn’t it?). The research shows about 90% of diets are uneffective and in a period of three years body goes back to it’s previous shape. It’s genetics.

Fat person, thin person do you use these common expressions? What associations you have with them?

Thin person - is a natural goal, a person everyone wants to be more like, meanwhile fat person - a misfortune, ugly and unhappy.

Body Positive blogger Giedre visited Pretty Ugly HQ

Body Positive blogger Giedre visited Pretty Ugly HQ

Recently we read an article on a research examining Cosmopolitan magazine in Russia. Looking through articles and ads in that magazine it was found that natural biological changes in woman’s body, for example getting old, it is shown as a fight, and the day cream againts wrinkling is called ‘a best weapon’, a woman is a fighter. If you don’t use a weapon, you give up the fight without even starting it, you become weaker that the one who has used the cream.

From a very first day in our lives we are placed into a fight, brothers against sisters are competeing for parents attention, at school we compete who gets a better grade. I think we should compete in areas that we can measure, reciting a poem in for instance. Beauty is a subjective and unmeasurable thing, it’s a nonsense to compete here.

What we are missing in our lifes, looking from your blog perspective?

Diversity. Health being associated not only with sports, but also with a mental things, self evaluating. Having TV hosts looking not only thin and flawless. Diversity in everything.

What is the biggest goal of your blog?

  1. To go out of the internet and give lectures about body possitivity at schools.

  2. To own an internet shop with a plus size clothing. Stylish, pretty, a place where size is not an indicator.

Is there a question you wanted to be asked, but no one asked on the interview?

How are you feeling, Giedre?

And how are you feeling?

Under the reasearch. I question everything. My body and my mind is in a fight, in what I see, in what I think. I try to keep it positive, although I don’t want to lie to a reader. We all have days where sometime we love ourselves less than throughout other days. It’s an interesting period, I wonder where it will get me.

Where do you get your clothes?

Lindex, H&M, thriftshops, ASOS. In these places I feel like a valuable buyer and a part of fashion after they broaden variety of sizes in stores, I have a freedom to choose what to buy, not just what suits my size. It adds value to a brand.

What is your blog doing most of the time?

Currently it is in a quite place. I create sets, take pictures of it, I write where have I found items, so women would know where they can get different kind of clothing. A difference between other bloggers is that they use similar clothing, you are looking for a style in there, not the product. In my blog women see where they can even find a certain item.

What is self expression to you?

Intense activities. Participating in projects. Social activities. Clothing also, although I’m not putting so much thought now as I did earlier. One skirt or another nothing changes, it just helps to bring a message of a bright activist better, which I love.

What would you like to have known when you was a teenager?

That it’s okay to be different. You are not alone in this fight with yourself, and this discomfort is not a unique personal feeling. At that moment I felt alone, that’s why I share stories and embrace others doing it too.

Thank you Giedre!

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