Skincare for Dummies

First time in my life google didn’t help. Too many advices that oppose one another. I was confused but keen on dealing with my acne.

There are two kinds of humans: those who have a perfect, smooth, shiny skin and those who are blessed to live with acne. Unfortunately, I belong to the second group.

As long as I can remember having pimples on my face, I also remember grownups nodding their heads and leaving everything to the fact - ‘It’s just puberty’ and I will grow out of it. Which wasn’t very helpful nor informative at all. There was a way at least to change a scale of how bad my acne was and my surroundings had exactly zero of competence to help me with my problem.

Skincare for Dummies

Let’s say puberty is gone now. Nothing has changed since I was 12. Being a human of the digital era, I tried many different remedies girls from TV and magazines highly recommended. After all, I was young and naive acne girl and they were so pretty.

After discovering makeup I felt the biggest power of the face paint - YOU CAN HIDE THINGS. And I’ve underestimated this power for many many years.

I was able to hide my imperfections. Everyday’s mask was A MUST. I remember the phrase ‘to put my face on’ being my favourite. Higher the coverage the better.

By the time I turned 21, I had a major switch of my life. I got interested in beauty standards. Step by step, I’ve realized how much bullshit I’ve received and finally I took ALL responsibility for my skin.

First time in my life google didn’t help. Too many advices that oppose one another. I was confused but keen on dealing with my acne.

I trully believe mindpower is high here, because at this time I met Kristina who could help.

I had a couple facials during my teen years. The only thing I remember from both of these times that it was a painful procedure, that’s it.

This time it was different. I've got not only a procedure, but the most valuable thing a profesh consultation. At last I finally got info what should I do to my skin. And extra HAND MASSAGE!!! while I was waiting.

Skincare for dummies

So this is what I would like to say to a 15 year old acne - me:



It’s not a myth. Millions of microbes live on your hands and when we touch the face they successfully migrate there and live happily ever after causing us skin problems.



People should go to hell for that. Now imagine someone constantly poking you with a stick. Irritating? Unpleasant? That is exactly how your skin feels.



Every skin asks for special treatment. It is unique. Now forget the face wash commercial and go for a consultation with a beautician about what you REALLY need.



Sometimes it’s better to leave it for the pros. Skin is just like your teeth, or any other part of your body, you are responsible for the care but if you have any problems you shouldn’t make a diagnose or make major treatments by yourself. And also see paragraph above.



Always moisturise your skin after daily cleaning. Develop a habit to always have a bottle of water on your desk. STAY HYDRATED!



Be smart, choose by yourself, read labels. Try different cruelty free products and discover what’s best for YOU.  



Make up is for self expression and not for hiding your true self. Using it every single day just takes your precious time and supports a circle of never ending problems of your skin.


Fast food

Last but not least - FAST FOOD. You pay what you wish for, so after a night with of pizza craving, don’t be surprised to have a breakout in the morning.

Skincare for Dummies

It’s been two weeks since I had life changing facial. Yes, it’s still hard not to touch my face every 5 seconds and squeeze white heads. I’m taking my skincare more serious than ever. I even reduced makeup routine from 7 (sometimes more) times to just a couple per week. I want my beautician to be proud the next time I go for a visit.

A loud shoutout to facial master Robertas Kantauskas from Angelos - these guys really know how to take care of people.