Stereotypes-Free Life: All Legs Are Beautiful

Let your legs free from stereotypes, beauty standards and fashion rules.

One word: gossip. Sweet, delicious gossip. One of the most sinful activities of humankind.

It’s been around waaaaaay ahead of the internet and magazines. And have you ever wondered why gossip has so much power so it implicates each and every one of us?


A gossip is a social tool we use to discuss the everyday comings and goings of the people in our lives. Yet, sometimes it’s easy to get lost while navigating this tool.

R.L.E.G. (real life example): When in fashion world people get so busy gossiping on who wore what on the red carpet and forget what the gala was actually for?

It can be malicious at times BUT SCIENTISTS (and these guys know their sh*t) say it can be positive too, a sort of glue that binds society.


Gossip is nothing new on the Pretty Ugly universe. We already presented to the world The Gossip Suit to show the ironic bubble opinions and emotions in fashion together with the statement collection GIRL POWER & The Gossip brooches reminding people to think before speaking.


As you already know we LOVE collaborations, this time we want to share a recent work we did together with contemporary streetwear brand 'TEGUL BEGA’ which specialises in fancy leggings and letting your legs free from stereotypes, beauty standards and fashion rules.


Sharing similar values & an addiction for stereotype-free life, together we present you The Gossip Legs, a reminder that ALL LEGS ARE BEAUTIFUL.

Nature has never made a snowflake identical to another. Appreciate the uniqueness- dress them bright and be proud to be an individual!


How are we going to prove all legs are beautiful?

'We will suit each and every pair to your individual size!'

Apart from the sizes you already are familiar with, we take individual requests for legging sizing.

These leggings are made from elastic fantastic polyester and decorated with velvet embroidered symbol of vain gossip - red lips with crooked teeth. To spice it up and make you want to dance - there's decorative fringe going on too!

Now go! Show your legs and make the world gossip!


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