Sugar & Spice & Everything nice: Style inspiration from Étoile Sucrée

Christmas Tree ornaments and tinsels are the best jewels really!

Ladies and gentlemen, today we present you Étoile Sucrée - exciting candy, sweetness and sugar inspired fashionista living in France. We got curious where her inspiration comes from and how she puts everything together, so here's our lovely chat for you!

Who are you?

I'm Océane, a 18 years old French girl who loves fashion, art and pastel colours.

Can you tell us about your background?

Growing up in the Parisian Suburbs, I've always hated my boring city: I think it has been the main reason I started to create my own universe as an escape, and it never stopped since then.

When you became Étoile Sucrée?

I only created the nickname about two years ago but I think it's really associated with the way I dress! I actually started wearing 'alternative' clothes when I was about 12. I felt really bad in my own skin at that time and fashion was the only way to make me feel happy. As a shy teenager, I could express myself without even talking, only by wearing clothes I love, how magical! My love for fashion only got bigger: it became a lifestyle, and Étoile Sucrée is the result of it.

Where do you get your jewelry or wearable decorations?

Christmas Tree ornaments and tinsels are the best jewels really! I make most of my accessories from little objects I find funny and unexpected.

Do you DIY? What are the things that you make?

Yes, I do DIY a lot! Actually, I always try to see everything around me as part of fashion: Spoons can become earrings, a curtain could make a great skirt... I never stop making stuff on my own, otherwise I think I'm waisting my time! I mostly make accessories, jewels, and some of my clothes. Also, since I'm never completely satisfied with the clothes I buy in shops,  I like to add my personal touch to it: DIY is very important to me!

What is essential inspiration for your style?

I'm inspired by everything really! As I said, what surrounds me is my biggest inspiration. I'm also influenced a lot by the Rococo and Baroque era: Marie Antoinette is one of my muses! I like mixing it with retro fashion from the 50's and the 60's. And of course, Japanese fashion has influenced me a lot too! Since I have been a sweet lolita for years, I'm still inspired by the frills and the pastel colours of it. Put Baroque, Rococo, Retro and Kawaii culture in a bowl and mix it: That's what inspires me the most.

Where do you do fashion treasure hunting?

I find most of my clothes in thrift stores, charity shops and garage sales. I love searching for the perfect piece of clothing! Also it's really cheap and you can find unique clothes. I also like to mix second hand/vintage with clothes from trendy stores like New Look, H&M...

Tell us about your characters. Who are they? How many of them are there?

I'd say I'm quite ambitious and determined. When I want something, I'll get to it even though it might take time! I also try to be as joyful and smiling as possible, I think it's very important to bring positive vibes wherever I go!

However I'm also a bit shy and anxious. As an introvert I always feel like I'm kind of awkward in every social interactions. I feel it's getting better as I grow up. Thanks to fashion I gained a lot of self confidence.

What is your favourite candy?

I'm not much of a candy person but my favourites would be all those that are strawberry flavoured! Also the gummy fried egg ones, not because of the taste (don't really like it) but more for it's aspect!

What’s your favourite place to go?

When I want to go out with my friends, Paris is the best place to go. Especially Châtelet and Le Marais: here you can find the best thrift stores, visit amazing art galleries, drink Bubble teas, and eat Japanese Crêpes.

Also Disneyland Paris because it's the best place to find pink walls and floral backgrounds to take pictures.

How does your usual day look like?

A typical day would be spending all my time at school! I'm actually an applied art student at Duperré College in Paris and I'm having a lot of fun doing what I like.

If I'm not at school I would probably be at home creating new accessories or procrastinating on the internet (which I do A LOT). It doesn't sound very exciting but I'm actually a home-lover! My room is my favourite place. Otherwise I would probably be shopping in Paris with my friends!

Your style is considered to be more ‘usual’ in an Japanese background. What reactions from others do you get while living in France?

Well, since most of people aren't used to see colourful clothes in the streets, loads are quite surprised and shocked. They sometimes make fun of me, take pictures... But thankfully, some of them are really happy to see a living rainbow in the metro so it's always rewarding to put a smile on someone's face! Also my style is often the reason I meet new people, they approach me because of the way I look which is quite a good thing.

In which vêtement you feel the most comfortable in?

I would say anything colorful? I sometimes wear black, but always with a colored piece! I would feel so bad in a all black outfit... I think I would be depressed all day long.

What would you do if pastel colours & cute looking things suddenly vanished from the world?

Oh my god that would be so sad! I live for those things... I mean, what's the point in living if there was no pastel colours anymore? But if bright and flashy colours still existed I would definitely wear that!

What would you wish for all the teens out there on this planet?

Just be confident with who you are. Life is too short to be someone you're not, don't be afraid to show your personality and be unique! You have so much to offer to the world, just express yourself and create! You'll see that life is so much more colourful when you realize you're perfect the way you are, so embrace yourself!


You can find Étoile Sucrée on Instagram here