Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018 Is Calling


Coming with great news for all creative minds - sustainable fashion awards is waiting for participants. If you made a sustainable garment or a whole collection, this is a call for you.

Taking care of the pieces you already own is the key!
Ceres Yohanna

Ceres Yohanna


I had a nice conversation with Ceres, who is from Brazil and is one of the people behind it all. I loved her motivation and the way she thinks of fashion - that every little bit counts.

Ceres mentioned, and this idea I loved in particular - we can’t simply throw our fast fashion items away, either can we start purchasing many slow fashion items to replace old clothes. Taking care of the pieces you already own is the key!

Yes yes yes! Very much agreed. Making already owned things last long just like we previously told on #supermarketladies story.

So, if you are thinking to participate in Sustainable Fashion Awards 2018, there is still some time to show your works to the world. BTW, there is no cost for entries, participation is free. I’m leaving all the details you need HERE.

Who knows, maybe you will be the one who dictates the fashion future?

P.S. If the arguments above seem to need little more motivation, there is a beautiful round prize of 6000 dollars to keep your motivation up!


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