Time Saving Experiment: I Planned My Outfits For A Week

Last week I decided to reduce the level of stress in the morning & plan my outfits for a week ahead .

Let’s set it once and for all - My name is Justina and I love dressing up. I express myself trough outfits and that’s how I show to the world how I feel & who I want to be that day. Okay tbh, more like every second day, I face I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR crisis.

When you think about it more, it’s only because of sleepy and confused mind in the morning, we can’t think clearly and make our decisions. Last week I decided to reduce the level of stress and plan my outfits for a week ahead.

I took my daily planner and carefully looked through the weather forecast for upcoming week & this is what I came up with:


PLAN: Super cosy oversized turtleneck to minimise Monday’s pressure and a leopard skirt to keep it cheerful.

pretty ugly
pretty ugly

RESULT: See how enthusiastic am I for the upcoming week!


PLAN: This day was marked red in my calendar - my collection GIRL POWER was nominated in a national design competition and the event was today. I took out my so called fancy night out pyjamas.  

pretty ugly

RESULT: I decided to work from home today so this was my outfit.

Aaand for the evening fancy event pj's, btw, collection won II place. Hooray!!! 

pretty ugly
pretty ugly


PLAN: The day when you realise it’s already a middle of the week which usually means a) still lots of stuff to do; b) rushing vibe plus it’s already the middle of the freakin' week!!! I assumed my leopard suit will hide my desperation in business meetings.

pretty ugly

RESULT: Totally worked. 100% confidence. Added sunglasses to hide the anxiety in my eyes.


PLAN: The day for making peace with your chaotic life and carrying on with a tracksuit.

pretty ugly
pretty ugly

RESULT: My boyfriend came back from Miami and I was so happy that I decided to ditch the tracksuit and be a princess. See how happy I am? It’s because my cooking skills suck and I’ve been hungry all the time when he was away and no more hunger!!!!!


PLAN: Celebrating week’s end with a pink velvet mini dress hemmed with fur and shiny accessories to keep it more festive!

pretty ugly

RESULT: More tired than festive, thanks to my outfit I ended up hanging out with my friends and coming home 5 am instead of going to sleep early like I wanted. Outfitervention?


PLAN: God bless the weekend!!!!! Navy flares and a nice top for an active day out & a robe for Sunday.

pretty ugly

RESULT: The weather was soooooooooo nice on Saturday that I couldn’t be bothered with what to wear so I just jumped into my tracksuit trousers and ran outside out to chase butterflies.

pretty ugly

And for Sunday

As much as the weather was a blessing yesterday today it was the complete opposite of that. I went to kiss my mum for Mother’s day and instead of a robe, I chose all-black-everything. It felt weird because I usually don’t wear black but sometimes I like to think about it as an ex-boyfriend you liked a lot and now it’s nice to catch up sometimes.

So what are the final thoughts on this experiment?

Will I plan my outfits ahead? YES. Will I do it every week? NO.

As a sworn fashion addict I truly recommend trying this experiment yourself. And I want to see what you came up with, add #PrettyUglyExperiment when you post pics!

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