Walking on the lipsticks' edge

walking on lipsticks edge
‘What else makes a walking glamour diva of a person if not a bright red colour.’

Never was I a huge fan of online contests, but since one of cosmetics companies announced a competition ‘use-our-makeup-and-win-an-uber-supah-prize’, I’ve decided that it could be my chance to once more throw a rock to a garden of stereotypes.

So, here I am with my makeup brushes looking at Robert sitting on a chair in front of me. He had no opinion on what look he would like to master, so I allowed my intuition to guide me. Together with all usual makeup routine products I’ve used golden eyeshadow (because hey, let’s celebrate every day), red lipstick (because what else makes a walking glamour diva of a person if not a bright red colour). And finished the look with a little bird tattoo sitting under his left eye, which matched Hawaiian shirt he was wearing that day.

As soon as the picture hit the online competition, we haven’t been left unnoticed. What I was expecting, you might ask? We got endless amount of sexist and homophobic comments, for my biggest surprise we also got a lot of positive response, in one of which Robert was compared to a David Bowie himself (he is still very proud of that fact).

Makeup is made not only for women to make themselves feel prettier. Makeup is a tool for an individual’s self expression. Just like clothes, btw. Nobody is impressed by unisex fashion trend, and women borrowing clothes from their spouse or boyfriend became très cool.

Let’s try to get a broader picture - fashion, we care about it or not, in one way or another helps us to create our identity - it shows how we feel (we all know the sweatpants mood), who we are, and who we would like to be.

I say - more courage and creativity and one day eyelashes glued on top of your forehead or dressing up as a cat-woman won’t be such a big deal. In the end, don’t forget that makeup is only paint on our face and clothes are made to make us warm, so why shouldn’t we have fun with it?