Going Out For Inspiration: What Is Love?


If your answer is 'baby don’t hurt me', this time you are wrong.

Love is that one thing every single one seeks & aspires to.
Love has many shapes and forms, it can be recognised as an image of your mum, laughter of your best friend, a significant other or a homeless puppy on the street.
Love is a place of safety & knowing that sometimes instead of conquering the world you can choose a moment of weakness. It's the simplest form of karma - what you give is what you get. 

Once in Milan our fashion director Justina had an opportunity to visit an exhibition where over 15 artists try to answer the question of love in the language of art.

Indiana's Love sculpture's image was quickly adapted upon its appearance in the 60s by the hippie free the love movement and again in the 90s by skateboard enthusiasts after skateboarding was banned in Philadelphia.

Robert Indiana.  LOVE

Robert Indiana. LOVE


Dear Andy, Thank you for colouring this world.

Ragnar Kjartansson.   GOD

Ragnar Kjartansson. GOD


Ragnar brought Love to the art of performance.

Joana Vasconcelos  . Inedependent Heart

Joana Vasconcelos . Inedependent Heart


Much of Vasconcelos' work deals with feminism, social and political topics. This heart is a part of series of hearts made by her - black, red and gold. 
My personal fave.


Nathalie is a representee of clamation, a stop-motion animation made out of plasticine. 


A moment for recalling.


Tracey is known for her confessional art.


There was a wall where you could write what is love to you. My friend kept it honest and wrote ' Love me, feed me, never leave me'.


….meanwhile I wrote ' Love is and never en...'

Extremely painful and honest works of Yayoi Kusama

Extremely painful and honest works of Yayoi Kusama


When Kusama was ten years old, she began to experience vivid hallucinations which she described as 'flashes of light, auras, or dense fields of dots'. These hallucinations also involved flowers speaking to Kusama, and the patterns in fabric that she stared at coming to life, multiplying, and engulfing or expunging her. She brought this experience into her career.


Joanna Vasconcelos. Kromiusa
Crochet madness in this expression of love.

Marc Quinn.   Kiss

Marc Quinn. Kiss


Love can be found everywhere in any shape or form, keep on looking & once you find it start sharing! What you give is what you get.

P.S. big thanks to my dear friend Raminta, a talented moment capturer and one of the weirdest people that I know. I love you so much and thank you for being in my life.