Why We Need To Talk About Makeup?


Hey hey hey, Pretty Ugly was silent for a while but definitely not sleeping! This time it’s me - Justė, who says hello to you.

For a while now I had an idea of bringing more makeup related topics to Pretty Ugly. What interests me in makeup is that makeup related topics are so close to confidence in individual beauty and personality.

There are few stories with makeup I saw on my personal journey and it bothers me so much I need to take action. In the end, you’ll see where it brought me to.

While I was taking makeup courses I noticed the effect words of makeup artists had on women. TBH, it’s as credible as a doctor’s consultation. A model is usually a person who is truly interested in makeup, trying to soak up as much information as possible while also enjoying the prep up.

So try to imagine that model hearing my lecturer (who is full of credibility in model’s eyes), sooo freely and easily describing that her eyes are too low, brows are uneven, lips are sad and everything is basically “wrong “ with her.

You can see a woman watching herself in the mirror and starting to see areas on her face as “problem areas”. The more pinpoints there were - the more model felt she needs to do something with it. Hide each individual feature as if it’s “inappropriate” or even insulting for others if you left it just the way mama nature created it. At this point embracing differences seems wayyy too risky, basically, she is a walking monster.

The second time the easily said phrase struck me when a young teenager entered one of the drug stores. The girl asked the assistant to help her pick out eyebrow product. In this eyebrow-on-fleek era she wanted them to be a little bit darker and with all integrity, she came to ask for help from the assistant.

Again, the assistant MUST BE a professional who knows what she is doing, right? Well… The first thing she said - the girl MUST pluck her eyebrows. It’s wasn’t explained why or as it’s one of the many options. It was a MUST otherwise she will not look RIGHT.

And then out of all the possible products in the store, she gave her the dark and thick eyebrow gel. Aghh it killed me! Out of ALL  the options with all the uninformed confidence she gave this type of product for a complete newbie. She could have given her a Sharpie marker at this point, the results would have been the exact same.

The consultant didn’t even ask why the girl has this wish in the first place. Maybe she could go to teenager makeup classes if she is interested in learning doing makeup. Maybe she just saw it, thought to herself it’s the RIGHT thing to do and now “the professional” once again confirmed that idea.

When I started to dig deeper and look for classes and people to get inspired by, the wonderland of internet struck me with creative makeup craze, ideas and looks. It’s so much of everything - classes, products, events. Basically, anything you can imagine and I found it difficult to filter it all even though I wasn’t a complete newbie.

From glam to editorial, from drag to minimal everyday makeup. Who can help me unleash my creativity? Who does that kind of makeup? Who teaches it? Who makes it? How much can I learn by myself and how much help do I need from others?

All these questions keep rising and I am determined to find the answers. I want to know it all and I want to have a blast while learning! Which is why I’m happy to introduce makeup series joining this blog. This is where I dig deeper into creative makeup world and search for the artists, events, brands who are open-minded, experimental & embracing individuality. Get ready, I’m taking you on a journey with me!


P.S. To illustrate this post I used pictures of few of my fav illustrators, feel free to check them out.


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