Your Favourite Lady In Town: Project #SupermarketLadies

Unexpected colour and pattern combinations, original choices of fabrics, surprising details - everything is based on personal taste rather than fashion trends.

Going to the church or heading to the supermarket β€” you have to dress up and pull off the best outfit. The inspirational senior lookbook for your enjoyment, ladies and gentlemen, we present you #supermarketladies.

Long story short

Once upon a time our art & creative director AugustΔ— moved to live in an ex-modern neighbourhood of the town where young families used to live, now the time had passed & changed, all these young people grew old, settled down, not many places had left to visit in the area.

Point of view

Typical senior going out routine ads up of going to the church, supermarket or a local clinic. And these very few occasions are worth putting some effort in personal appearance. We swear to God it’s impossible to unnotice the unique style of the neighbourhood fashionistas!

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Unexpected colour and pattern combinations, original choices of fabrics, surprising details - everything is based on personal taste rather than fashion trends. Which leads us straight to the outstanding fashion show of personalities, authentic points of view & diversity.

Soviets kick in

Local seniors own style from their middle-age, back where the sense and understanding of fashion itself used to be way different than we have it today. During Soviet occupation times, low accessibility for materials and lack of already made clothes in the eastern Europe area made folks bring their creativity, crafting skills & imagination to the rescue.

Slow fashion used to be at its peak point and self-expression flourished. Our grannies had no Pinterest board to look up for inspiration, they brainstormed and got inspired from other people around or few magazines available on the shelves. Until now seniors stay out of the internet, magazines, fast fashion stores and have no idea of fashion blogging existence.

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I got it from my mama

Long lasting, high-quality materials and crafting made senior clothes durable and still perfectly usable today. A clothing item itself is a valuable & respected piece, chosen and made responsibly, worth fixing, taking care of.

The moment vintage concept was presented to the world, we fell in love with all the best qualities as well. It made a huge impact for the fashion industry and taught us thrift shops are the endless source of joyful discoveries & fashion treasures.

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The future is vintage

Fashion, accessibility and inspiration has changed enormously since the young days of characters of our story. If we want to keep ideas, memories and fashion alive all we should do is to slow down and gaze at the show of diverse characters,  take best practices of theirs, learn everything to the creative essence of it and start treating our closets with respect. It’s hardly believable our grandchildren will go through our wardrobes full of fast fashion garments (or what will be left of) and appreciate it the way we love treasures we are able to find now.

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